Music Video - Splitting the Atom

This song is so good..

Artist - Yuta Onoda

Beautiful Japanese-styled paintings and illustrations by artist Yuta Onoda. The use of colors really makes them radiate a certain emotion.


Artist - Martine Johanna

Beautiful illustrations by artist Martine Johanna. The drawings have a life of their own and seem to all be telling their own story..


Artist - Avrillon Ghislain

Heart-warming flash animation by French artist Avrillon Ghislain. The color palette and cute character design are lovely, and I like the that touch as to the format of the video. Have a look at his blog, his work is striking.

Galileo from Ghislain Avrillon on Vimeo.

Music Video - Breathe Me

Beautiful song by Australian singer Sia...

Artist - Fernando Vincente

Really nice pin-up art by illustrator Fernando Vincente.. I particularly like the way he colors them in, in the way the light would sit on their skin.


Advertising - The Human Chain

The new Nike advert I saw on My Modern Met this morning, quite original..


Work in Progress - Lost Knowledge

The first exhibition in The Medium Is The Message series is finally open for submissions, for LCC students only! The only brief is that the work needs to be non-digital print and should revolve around the theme of Lost Knowledge, which is completely open to interpretation. Our first poster, 2-color screen print:

 - designed and printed by the exhibition panel and friends -

Final Piece - Art of Nurture // The Day

So I have been way too busy recently: briefs, exhibitions, my newly acquired title of Padawan under the Jedi Master Marjo and drawing and drawing. Hence the absence of daily postage. Among all those things I have been doing are a couple of competitions I found inspiring.

Art of Nurture: Lloyds TSB

The idea was to reflect sustainable relationships, so I created these entities who live in a hive and work together to make it all work as it should. 

Bold Creative: The Day

This was a graphic novel/comic book competition in which you had to represent this *given* conversation between two friends around the theme of HIV. I wanted to make the characters anonymous and the surroundings uncharacteristic to reflect how this could happen to anyone. 

Feedback is always welcome!