Work in Progress - What Am I? (3)

So I really want to try and make a stop motion for this project. I've been thinking about the sponge idea and came up with a few interesting stories. Quick rundown of the current story board:

* Person drops the sponge on the floor without realizing and wanders off. Sponge comes to life.

[For this bit I'm not sure how or what, was thinking of having this bit properly filmed and have the stop motion only start with the sponge moving]

* Sponge moves around the floor towards the lounge, where it passes near the TV.

[The TV will be lit, just want to try and see what effect it'll give if I take different frames with the TV on and the scenes seem to randomly jump]

* It sponges (?) up the table and sees a pencil, which it absorbs. After that it moves across a page leaving a pencil drawing behind.

[It would be appropriate to have the sponge making a drawing of me...]

* Sponge moves up the stairs towards my room, where it climbs the desk and sees my laptop. It moves over the keyboard.

[Nice idea here given to me by Ollie to have the sponge surf some porn. We'll see about that]

* Sponge goes back to the kitchen where it moves over a cookbook, after which it cook a meal.

[Maybe have a pan of boiling water and random vegetables appear in it?]

* While cooking the person comes up and put the sponge in the sink, 'drowning' it.

[Idea for this came to me from a Bill Bailey show, where a camera is filming under a see-through tray so it looks like it's all underwater]

This is the main idea at the moment... Here are a couple of inspiring stop motions I've found looking around YouTube, definitely stuff to be learned from. Also, worth checking out previous post about Keane (Bedshaped) and Coldplay (Strawberry Swings).

Work in Progress - People (7)

And my last flat mate who arrived yesterday..

Artist - Somefield

Honestly one of the only websites I've ever visited where I was bothered to click on every single available image... I absolutely love his works! From his series of personal work around the original story of Alice in Wonderland or his comic Sixteen Miles to Merrick, every illustration has a wonderful simple complexity to it. Definitely worth keeping an eye out!


Music Video - Strawberry Swings

Amazing new video by Coldplay (and beautiful song of course). Yes, it was actually all drawn on the pavement! Due to restrictions it is really hard to find a nice quality version of this video that you can embed, so here is a link:

Artist - Aleksi Briclot

This weekend I went to the pre-release of the new Magic: the Gathering set, Zendikar. At all the pre-releases in London we get artists from the card game to come and sign cards and stuff and this time we had the pleasure to have Aleksi Briclot, to my opinion one of the most talented artists.

This is a print of one of his illustrations, Liliana Vess, I was lucky enough to buy. His website hasn't been updated in ages so I'll be sure to post a link once it's done.


Work in Progress - People (6)

Last couple of drawings I did... Meet my current flatmates!


Artist - Shelly Wan

Some impressive illustrations I came upon when looking at random concept art.

Also, while looking up information on this artist I came across this very interesting blog, definitely worth following: Igallo's Blog (Art Director for Tor, Forge, and Starscape Books).


Blogging - 40 Fakes

I was looking at some blogs today and when I got to 40 Fakes I realized there as too many good stuff on there today that I couldn't just pick out one thing and post it on here, so here are a couple of links to things I liked on the blog:

Animation for the Champion's League:

John Fellows:

Interesting gallery where John Fellows took old objects and 'renovated' them, adding (really nice) illustrations on them.

Edno Pereira Jr. :

From the Geeko-series, illustrations around the subject of retro gaming.

Amazing work by Scott Wenner. He has a very specific style in all his work (definitely check out the galleries on his website). 


Work in Progress - What Am I? (2)

A bit of a different view on the project.. I still really like the idea of the story being the core of illustration, but I was thinking about a different approach to the brief I have. Answering the question 'What Am I?' is too easy, there are too many answers that define me perfectly, so I brainstormed a bit about what would really define me. While I was thinking about this I remembered something I was taught as a student one day while talking about philosophy and such. From the Mishna's (the 'Spoken Torah') point of view there are different kinds of students.

There is the stone, which requires a great deal of effort to remember something but once it does, its etched in its memory forever.

And on the other end of the spectrum, there is the sponge, which absorbs all the information around it very easily but if it gets squeezed a bit too hard it all leaks out.

Ideally, you want to be somewhere in between those two...  Anyways, I'm drifting off. The idea I had was representing myself as some kind of sponge, learning and absorbing all the information around me (which I do, I'm a very interested person!) and kinda visualized it in a short animation film, the Sponge-motion. The board is quite simple: a sponge goes around absorbing information, putting it to use (for example, drawing something after absorbing a pencil) and eventually comes back to me and I swallow it up, making it part of me again and learning all it just did.  More on this to come!


Music Video - Papillon (Acoustic)

I liked the song when it came out, but when they played it at Studio Brussel acoustic style...

Sessie: Editors - 'Papillon' | Studio Brussel

Artist - Hellovon

Some amazing pencil/graphite drawings by Hellovon, currently in a solo exhibition in an LA gallery.


Meet the Illustrators - Ephameron

After visiting her Art Trek exhibition I sent an email wondering if it was possible to meet up and have a chat, maybe even a small interview. So last week we did meet up, had a nice chat and had a small interview.

 When did you start illustrating?
I studied painting for about 5 years but didnt feel so good with the conceptual tendency of painting. That's why I turned to illustration. The painting teachers weren't inspiring at all, but when I started studying illustration it was a whole new world. I really liked it so decided to stick with it. Little by little I started developing different techniques, meeting people, be part of exhibitions all around Europe (Holland, Paris, Rome, ...) and starting up my own ones, like Art Trek here in Antwerp. I really enjoy those exhibitions because it's not only a chance to show your own work but it's also wonderful to meet all those different people and artists and work together. When people want to be part of a gallery along your work you get some kind of confirmation about the quality of your work, so it's always a good feeling when fellow artists ask to be part of your exhibition. 
For you, where does illustration stand in todays creative world?
I start working with illustration the same way I used to start with painting, even though in painting - or fine art in general - the questions of why this and why that directly come up. For me, I just draw or paint whatever comes up in my mind, if I have an idea I really like or something that caught my eye: the whole ideology behind a piece of work is for me a lot less important. I don't mean that a piece of work should 'just be pretty', but direct surroundings and emotions are already a vast enough concept to explore.
So what inspires you most?
The life around me, what I see. I love walking about, traveling around town or even around the world, exploring things that are different from what we're all used to. I also get inspired by the people around me, like my family, my friends, my boyfriend, .. and how emotions are expressed by them and everyone, actually. 
What kind of techniques do you use?
Well, I try to explore as many different techniques as possible even though I do feel I usually fall back in the same routine, like a recurring motive. Like, I just came back from the USA where I went to help design a book. I met up with this one girl who was making woodcuts.  So for a week I was constantly drawing and she was making the woodcuts from the drawings. It's fascinating to see how people use different techniques all around the world. Wherever I go I try to experience something that's very specific to that place. When I was done there I went to Chicago and there it was more like a 3D workshop, constantly sculpting wood. 
How do you see the future of illustration?
It's a tendency that comes and goes, like Art Nouveau and Pop Art. It's a part of life that will never disappear. 


Random - Film Posters

A post I found on Design You Trust (orginally from Design Feedr) about movie posters. Quite interesting how most of the recent movies seem to be about the end of the world...

Random - Magic: the Gathering Design of Zendikar

MTG has a new set coming, Zendikar. I've always loved the art and lore around the MTG cards and today's article on the Wizards website is very interesting. It follows the artist through the whole design process of the set, how they have to answer the briefs and visualize the concepts. Definitely worth to read through it. Has nice links to various very talented illustrators like Mark Tedin, too.


Work in Progress - Nucleo

I was asked by a friend if I could maybe design something to put on his student union's poster, so I came up with the following drawing...

Music Video - Nine Million Bicycles

I just came back from one of my best friends' wedding and I reckon that as a small ode to her I should post her 'wedding song' here. The ceremony was amazing, I'm really happy for you guys!


Random - Cartoons

Don't you just hate it when you have something at the tip of your tongue but you simply can't grasp it? Well, I've had that for about six years regarding a cartoon I saw when I must have been about six years old. I really wanted to remember the name of that cartoon even though the only thing I remembered from the time I saw it was there was a scene involving a boy opening a door he wasn't supposed to open. Helpful, right? Today I was talking to a friend about those cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid and remembered another one I really liked which I knew I had the tape of somewhere in my attic, Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. When I looked the cartoon up on youtube I found a link to this other cartoon that looked vaguely familiar.... and jumped a hole through the air when I realised that was the one I've been searching for for so long, Little Nemo! Anyways, this entry is dedicated to those cartoons I grew up with.

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

Epic tale about faeries in a rainforest, fighting the evil human conqueror that destroys nature.

Little Nemo

Japanese animation about a journey in the world of Slumber.

Les Maitres Du Temps

Only cartoon that ever made me cry, by french studio Moebius. I love the creature design in most of their artwork.


Amazing sing-along cartoon with The King!


Artist - Peter de Seve

Some nice illustrations by Peter de Seve. Particularly like the sketches in both the advertising and the sketch book section.


Anime - Aim For The Top 2: Diebuster

New anime I started watching today, from the same studio that made Evangelion and Furi Kuri.
Definitely should be on an anime lovers to-watch list!


Artist - Anthony S. Waters

So I just came back from a few days in Prague. Besides the fact I love the city and had an amazing time with my friends exploring town and such, we also participated in the Prague MTG Grand Prix (where I sadly went 6-3 and failed to make day two). At every main event artists show up to sign cards and sell prints and stuff. One of the artists I met there was Anthony S. Waters. 


Artist - Lost Garden Illustrations

Another website I came across while looking for new images or blogs. The Art Gallery features a lot of different illustrations the artist made during his travels. The sketches are simple yet engaging and interesting. Be sure to check out the Turtle Kama Sutra...

Artist - John Paul Thurlow

A random blog I came upon while random looking for images on the web. The blog is a personal project by John Paul Thurlow, basically to cover covers from his collection of magazines. Interesting concept, nice execution. I particularly like the hand-drawn printed type faces.

Artist - Mr. Bingo

Interesting link I saw on Design is Kinky. Mr. Bingo has a wide and smart portfolio of illustration, definitely worth scrolling through his work.