Work in Progress - What Am I? (2)

A bit of a different view on the project.. I still really like the idea of the story being the core of illustration, but I was thinking about a different approach to the brief I have. Answering the question 'What Am I?' is too easy, there are too many answers that define me perfectly, so I brainstormed a bit about what would really define me. While I was thinking about this I remembered something I was taught as a student one day while talking about philosophy and such. From the Mishna's (the 'Spoken Torah') point of view there are different kinds of students.

There is the stone, which requires a great deal of effort to remember something but once it does, its etched in its memory forever.

And on the other end of the spectrum, there is the sponge, which absorbs all the information around it very easily but if it gets squeezed a bit too hard it all leaks out.

Ideally, you want to be somewhere in between those two...  Anyways, I'm drifting off. The idea I had was representing myself as some kind of sponge, learning and absorbing all the information around me (which I do, I'm a very interested person!) and kinda visualized it in a short animation film, the Sponge-motion. The board is quite simple: a sponge goes around absorbing information, putting it to use (for example, drawing something after absorbing a pencil) and eventually comes back to me and I swallow it up, making it part of me again and learning all it just did.  More on this to come!

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