Work in Progress - What Am I? (3)

So I really want to try and make a stop motion for this project. I've been thinking about the sponge idea and came up with a few interesting stories. Quick rundown of the current story board:

* Person drops the sponge on the floor without realizing and wanders off. Sponge comes to life.

[For this bit I'm not sure how or what, was thinking of having this bit properly filmed and have the stop motion only start with the sponge moving]

* Sponge moves around the floor towards the lounge, where it passes near the TV.

[The TV will be lit, just want to try and see what effect it'll give if I take different frames with the TV on and the scenes seem to randomly jump]

* It sponges (?) up the table and sees a pencil, which it absorbs. After that it moves across a page leaving a pencil drawing behind.

[It would be appropriate to have the sponge making a drawing of me...]

* Sponge moves up the stairs towards my room, where it climbs the desk and sees my laptop. It moves over the keyboard.

[Nice idea here given to me by Ollie to have the sponge surf some porn. We'll see about that]

* Sponge goes back to the kitchen where it moves over a cookbook, after which it cook a meal.

[Maybe have a pan of boiling water and random vegetables appear in it?]

* While cooking the person comes up and put the sponge in the sink, 'drowning' it.

[Idea for this came to me from a Bill Bailey show, where a camera is filming under a see-through tray so it looks like it's all underwater]

This is the main idea at the moment... Here are a couple of inspiring stop motions I've found looking around YouTube, definitely stuff to be learned from. Also, worth checking out previous post about Keane (Bedshaped) and Coldplay (Strawberry Swings).

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