Exhibition - Anish Kapoor // Jonas Burgert

A small uni field-trip on thursday brought us to the RCA and its surroundings, so first off was the Anish Kapoor exhibition. Walking through the exhibition almost every single room gave me a head ache, but in a good way. The work is just too impressive. When you're standing in front of this huge square of yellow on the wall with a massive sort of dent in it, you really feel small. All in all the sculptures were all quite interesting and one of the things that struck me the most was a quote from the artist:

"I have often said that I have nothing to say as an artist. Having something to say implies that one is struggling with meaning. The role of the artist is in fact that we don't know what to say, and it is that not knowing that leads to the work."

For more information about Anish Kapoor, I would recommend checking out his page on Artsy. Huge database!

Another exhibition we went to see was that of Jonas Burgert, at the Venison. His paintings were huge, extremely detailed and colorful. All his work has this narrative feel to it: he explores the darkest and most frightening parts of the human mind accentuated by his usage of bright and vivid colors in conjunction with the inhuman scenery.

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