Meet the Illustrators - Wonman Kim

A new addition to the Meet the Illustrators series, an interview with multi-talented illustrator and designer Wonman Kim.

1. What is Illustration for you, in the general sense of the term?

I dare say illustration is part of my life. Looking back on my childhood I used to like to draw something and show it to everybody. It has always been a very natural behavior for me. Now, it is fantastic to be making illustrations as a graphic designer, book illustrator and/or concept designer.

2. Why/when did you start 'illustrating' (personally and/or professionally)?

I liked drawing and illustrating since my childhood. I studied a Ba in Business at college so I am basically a self-taught artist (I was influenced by my elder brother, who studied Fine Art in college). I began my career in 1998 as a key animator in an Animation studio, which I did for 2 years. I then moved on to a Gaming company where I worked as a character and BG designer. I also did a couple of illustrations for children books and novel covers. Now I am working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Sometimes, I'd make various t-shirt and toy designs on the side.

3. When considering illustration, there seems to be a fine line between design and fine art. Where do you think your personal practice stands and why?

I think my practice stands closer to design that fine art. Maybe it's because i emphasize more on how attractive the product will be. I think that design are made more for the point of view of the customer than the artists.

4. How do you see the future of Illustration?

 I think the future of illustration will be more diversified and specialized. Many illustrators will have to explore new fields of illustrations and more new and exciting media.

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