Magazine Review - Varoom Issue 09

This month's issue was quite interesting, exploring quite a bit of the wide spectrum of graphic design (from information design to illustrating typeforms). Some of the highlights:

Mapping the Terrain: Illustrative Lettering
by Steven Bateman

"With Illustrative lettering, however, there are fewer rules. Liberated, the pictorial qualities and expressive potential of letterforms come to the fore; enlivened by the idiosyncrasies of an artist on top form, even poor copy can look, sound and feel great."

Marian Bantjes

'Dennis Bantjes' -Creative Review "Monograph" 2008

"I don't usually respond to the message. I often work against it. Mostly I'm going to work visually, so the style of the lettering is considering form over content. Blasphemy, I know."


"For me, inspiration works in two ways. You occasionally see something that makes you secretly wish that you'd made it yourself, making your head spin with ideas, urging you to run home and create something... On a daily basis you have more analytical inspiration - things you know you like and references you know will be relevant to the work you're doing. It's also possible to be inspired by things that don't make your jaw drop."

Michael Perry

'Alphabet Town' - Personal prject 2007

Alex Trochut

'10 Ways to get a job' - Computer Arts Magazine 2007

Sue Coe and the elephants we must never forget
by Wendy Coates-Smith

I really enjoyed reading through this article. Sue Coe is a very passionate illustrator and her drawings are really good. Besides learning a lot about the history of mistreated elephants (did you know Thomas Edison electrocuted elephants to promote direct current?), reading about her approach and ideology was quite interesting. When one gets obsessed with a subject so much the overall quality of the final pieces increases drastically.

'Side Splitting Fooleries: Edison Tests the Electrical Chair on an Elephant' 2007

"I do feel my drawings are contemporary art and it's a strange thing that you can look at that painting and not be sure whether I did it this year or last year, but the drawings could only have been done now."


Saul Steinberg Illuminations

I will have to go see this exhibition before it finishes (at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, until the 15th of february). There is a simplistic feel to his work that is simply refreshing.

'Twenty Americans' 1975

All the Art That's Fit to Print (and Some that Wasn't)

A book I will most likely buy. I like prints in general...

Sam Weber, on the violent confrontations between Chad's government and the rebel forces

Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art
by Norman Hathaway

I had no idea what airbrushing actually was and reading this article got me very interested. Once I'm back at the studio it is something I will definitely try out (I like long laborious methods that are basically too much trouble).
The big names: Dave, Willardson, Charlie White III, Peter Palombi and Peter Lloyd.

Peter Palombi

Charlie White III

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