Artist - Emma Kelly

London-based illustrator Emma Kelly 'likes to draw things'. Most of her illustrations feature everyday object drawn with her particular style.


Artist - Tokyo Plastic

Tokyo Plastic have an impressive portfolio regarding flash movies. Most of their advertisements, for companies like Toyota and Coca Cola, are a nice mix between animated characters and playing with sound. The website itself is quite amusing browsing through, too. Be sure to click on as many links as you can as they're well worth checking out.


Artist - Emmanuel Polanco

Paris-based illustrator Emmanuel Polanco has an impressive portfolio of collages. His illustrations also have a nice feel to them, looking like old-school etchings. Some of his major clients include well-known magazines like Times Magazine, Milk Magazine and many others..


Work in Progress - People

So I went to my first drawing/painting lesson. We concentrated on faces and hands today, with special attention to shading and expression. I was quite happy with how it came out..


Artist - Richard Whitters

I've been playing Magic: the Gathering for a good 10 years now and I've always been a fan of the artwork. At major events I always meet up with the artists to talk about their designs a bit and how they got to work for Wizards. One of the artists' work that really caught my eye lately was the design for the new starter decks, by Richard Whitters. I really do love concept art...



Artist - Ben Scruton

An article I found on the YCN website, an interview with illustrator Ben Scruton.

Ben Scruton on illustration

Advertising - Electrabel

One of my favorite stop-motions, this is a commercial for the main electricity provider in Belgium.

Music Video - Bedshaped

Beautiful song, beautiful claymation.

Artist- Leigh Clarke

Yesterday evening I got a really random email from one of my foundation tutors from LCC, Leigh Clarke. He was currently having a solo exhibition in Antwerp and wanted a bit on information on a couple of things. I went to see him and saw his current exhibition, which was pretty interesting. It featured large six-sheet prints of photocopied items with political innuendo's. Worth checking out.



Artist - Si Scott

I was told to check out this website by a friend of mine, and instantly like it. Even though most of his work is digital it has a nice illustrator-y feel to it. Most of his clients are pretty big though and the quality of his work is amazing. A couple of my favourites:


Advertising - Perrier

Very nice visuals in the new Perrier commercial.

Artist - Jacques Vermeersch

I like to go into town every day, so I always park my car at the docks and walk to the main square to meet up with friends. Now, on the way back I usually take the same way because it's the fastest.
For some reason today I felt like taking a small detour, and I am happy I did. I walked past a small open atelier when some older man walked out and invited me to go take a look. I was shown around the place and got to understand his name was Jacques Vermeersch, one of Belgium's finest painter's. After a small chat he proposed to let me join his classes he gives twice a week. I said yes. The man is a legend!

The man is very modest and likes to keep him to himself. I will post up the things we do in the workshops if all goes well.


Artist - Dan McPharlin

I came across his website on It's Nice That (a blog you should all be following, really).
I really like his style, the way all his pieces have this similar feel to them. You can download his portfolio from his website, should you be interested in more.


Magazine Review - Varoom Issue 09

This month's issue was quite interesting, exploring quite a bit of the wide spectrum of graphic design (from information design to illustrating typeforms). Some of the highlights:

Mapping the Terrain: Illustrative Lettering
by Steven Bateman

"With Illustrative lettering, however, there are fewer rules. Liberated, the pictorial qualities and expressive potential of letterforms come to the fore; enlivened by the idiosyncrasies of an artist on top form, even poor copy can look, sound and feel great."

Marian Bantjes

'Dennis Bantjes' -Creative Review "Monograph" 2008

"I don't usually respond to the message. I often work against it. Mostly I'm going to work visually, so the style of the lettering is considering form over content. Blasphemy, I know."


"For me, inspiration works in two ways. You occasionally see something that makes you secretly wish that you'd made it yourself, making your head spin with ideas, urging you to run home and create something... On a daily basis you have more analytical inspiration - things you know you like and references you know will be relevant to the work you're doing. It's also possible to be inspired by things that don't make your jaw drop."

Michael Perry

'Alphabet Town' - Personal prject 2007

Alex Trochut

'10 Ways to get a job' - Computer Arts Magazine 2007

Sue Coe and the elephants we must never forget
by Wendy Coates-Smith

I really enjoyed reading through this article. Sue Coe is a very passionate illustrator and her drawings are really good. Besides learning a lot about the history of mistreated elephants (did you know Thomas Edison electrocuted elephants to promote direct current?), reading about her approach and ideology was quite interesting. When one gets obsessed with a subject so much the overall quality of the final pieces increases drastically.

'Side Splitting Fooleries: Edison Tests the Electrical Chair on an Elephant' 2007

"I do feel my drawings are contemporary art and it's a strange thing that you can look at that painting and not be sure whether I did it this year or last year, but the drawings could only have been done now."


Saul Steinberg Illuminations

I will have to go see this exhibition before it finishes (at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, until the 15th of february). There is a simplistic feel to his work that is simply refreshing.

'Twenty Americans' 1975

All the Art That's Fit to Print (and Some that Wasn't)

A book I will most likely buy. I like prints in general...

Sam Weber, on the violent confrontations between Chad's government and the rebel forces

Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art
by Norman Hathaway

I had no idea what airbrushing actually was and reading this article got me very interested. Once I'm back at the studio it is something I will definitely try out (I like long laborious methods that are basically too much trouble).
The big names: Dave, Willardson, Charlie White III, Peter Palombi and Peter Lloyd.

Peter Palombi

Charlie White III

Music Video - Unintended

I recently got tickets to go and see Muse and the O2 in november. Since then I felt like I have to constantly listen to their songs because they just are that good.

Artist - Renato Alarcão

I came across this Brazilian graphic designer with a masters degree in Illustration (from the School of Visual Arts) a while ago and have been following his work since. Most noticeable are his amazing sketchbooks. Quotes from his biography:

"To illustrate is to tell stories through images."

"What I find more exciting about my profession as an illustrator is the daily challenge of facing the empty page, and from there we have to invent worlds and people, and ultimately give visual form to the written word."



Welcome - Introduction

Well, I am horrible at speeches... Yet here I am, writing a blog.
I guess I should start with a small introduction. So my name is Nathan Gotlib and I am currently studying a BA in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication (specializing in the Illustration pathway). Over the course of my studies I developed a pretty big interest in the creative world in general and this blog is basically my tribute to it.
Illustration is a part of the graphic design scene that is usually overlooked, overlooked in the general creative scene actually.
Ironically, most art could theoretically be classified as some form of illustration though. Hopefully with this blog I will be able to divert the spotlight to some of the deserving ones...

Have a good time!