Final Piece - Der Freitag

I recently joined a design competition, the Young Illustrative Awards. About a week ago I got a mail sent to me saying I unfortunately didn't get selected (even though I was part of the top 50 of more than a 1000 works, go me!). Thinking it was just one of those generic emails I replied that 'yes I would love to stay in touch and potentially work with/for you in the future'. I was positively surprised when I got emailed back saying that they could actually use my help for illustrating an article that was going to feature in a paper given out at a couple of design fairs in Germany. Basically, I had to create an illustration to go with the article about the World Social Forum, an organization and opposes globalization and respects human rights and nature. Later, I was asked to also make a sketch of the mayor of Hitzacker, the town where the summit will take place, because he is interviewed in the paper. This is what I came up with:

The print (a solar plate, from a collage I made) is based on the ideal that we have to reflect and look back at what we're doing at the Earth so that we stop making mistakes. The village is a view of Hitzacker from above. The magazine will be in print on tuesday!

EDIT: and here it is, my first editorial work.

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  1. Nice! C'est excellent que tu t'ai fait imprimer dans ce truc! Chui vmt contente pour toi :)