Work in Progress - What Am I? (4)

So, sleepless nights in my London house... Been thinking a lot about the project lately and started to really appreciate it. Over this past summer I've done some sort of soul-searching journey, looking for my points of interest and finding fragile moments of epiphany, thinking 'that was it'. I guess this is one of them.

What am I? The answer shouldn't be looked for in the darkest corners of my consciousness. That's just silly. It is all much more simpler than that. What do I like? When do I feel the difference? What am I?
Well, I am a print maker. I'm guessing this project was to find our calling and I think I found mine, in that print room.

My mind is wandering off here, partial insomnia does that to you...
Anyways, currently working on a mezzotint. To come? Two screen prints, a solar plate and an etching, all ready to pop out of the idea book I keep next to my bed. My 'creativity' tends to culminate when I am laying sleepless in bed, perfect time huh?

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