Final Piece - What Am I?

So, my presentation at university is today. Since the project started I've been exploring various printing techniques, including the dreaded mezzotint.

Basically, you use a rocker to dry point the surface of a metal (here, zinc) plate. You have to rock in about 6-8 different direction to get the desired effect: a jet black print. This effect can only truly be attained by mezzotint, because using techniques such as aquatint and solar plate tend to give a lighter shade of black. Anyways, meet 'Elle'.

I did about 6 prints and this would be the most successful one of the series. The technique takes a lot of time, but the result is amazing. This is truly worth the 6 hours of work to dry point the plate!
Moving on, I did a photo shoot with a friend at the start of summer (thanks Chiara!) and changed the images to silk screen prints, as well as a mezzotint to seal the deal. This is what I came up with:

The series include a couple of one color screen prints, different block color prints, a 4-color CMYK print and a mezzotint. This is the [PRINTS] series.

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