Comic - Magneto: Testament

I went to the comic book store the other day and found this one. Being very interested in World War II history I just had to buy it. The comic follows Max Eisenhardt's (Magneto's real name) youth as he grows up through the Holocaust. The comic was very interesting for different reasons. Firstly, you understand Magneto's character development through the series a lot better, his hatred and lack of trust towards mankind. Secondly, the story really proves how interesting a comic can be. I thought I already knew quite a lot about the Holocaust, having studied it for years, but there were still quite a few things I learned from reading this.

On a more personal basis, there is an additional comic in the book I found very interesting: Dina Babbitt's story. Born Dina Gottliebova in Poland (I couldn't help feeling some kind of relationship), she was eventually taken to Auschwitz and found herself painting portraits for no one less than the Angel of Death, Dr. Mengele. When the Germans saw the end coming and forced the Jews to follow them on the 'death march' she fled with her mother and survived. It's only years later that she found out that her portraits, of Nazi's and of Gypsy families, were being kept in a museum in Poland. No matter how hard she tried, the museum refuses to give her her own paintings back. Hearing from this, a huge group of comic book artists, writers and actors started various petitions and actions to try and do something about, to this day still to no avail... The comic featuring in this book is one of them...

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