Exhibition - Art Trek 2009

I was walking around Antwerp with my best mate when we decided to go and check out the comic book store. I was happy to see there was an Illustration exhibition going on in the attic, so I checked it out. The exhibition, Art Trek 2009, is the 6th edition of the annual show curated by Ephameron (a Belgian artist). Here are a couple of the highlights:

Artist: Ephameron (Belgium)

"Her art is about moments, thoughts and feelings. Her world feels quieter than real life and is like an intimate place between here and elsewhere, between the past and now."

Artist: Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium)

"He makes up quotes and scribbles about a variety of subjects, among which death, the individual versus society, exclusion, (media) power, sadism and incomprehension, and translates them in absurd and surrealistic imagery."

Artist: Ward Zwart (Belgium)

"Ward Zwart draws on a daily basis and the everyday forms his source of inspiration."

Artist: Escif (Spain)

"The visual language Escif uses is influenced by conceptual art and contemporary wall painting. After more than ten years of exposure by street interventions, he became a welcome guest at some of the most significant street art happenings in Europe."

Artist: Sammy Stein (France)

"Stein understands the art of suggesting a story in a few simple, well-placed black lines on white paper."

*All text taken from the catalogue*

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