Work in Progress - What Am I?

Time to write a little bit about my thoughts on the project up to now I guess... Since I started doing research for this project I've quite literally been on a journey. I explored and researched various media, artists, visited places I hadn't been to, talked to people I never spoke to and much more. The only conclusion I can make at the moment about what I am, what Illustration is for me, is the following:

Illustration is a vague subject. No one really knows what it is, no one can perfectly define it (I guess there is no right or wrong in this project, I'm just sharing my personal thoughts). While some use it as a mean of entertainment (children books, playground art, ...), advertising, information or any combination of all the possible reasons, illustration basically tells a story. Now, a story can be told in a lot of different ways and I think that is where each illustrator finds his own calling. For me the calling is simple: it's all about people. People are stories. Countless times I've just wandered around looking at everyone around me wondering, "What is their life like? How does their head work? What is their story?". If I was to tell stories, it'd be the stories people tell, people lived......

More on this to come.

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