Work in Progress - Festivalitis

Finally put my mind to it. Since I went to Rock Werchter earlier this summer I had an idea for a poster that would sum up what the festivals are all about. I wanted the image to represent it all, so I was thinking of all the possibilities. The obvious things are the music, the camping/tents, ... the less obvious ones are the people, the festival-stands, the actual festival grounds, ... Probably also in the obvious category would be the alcohol. Now, because I think that really symbolizes it perfectly I was thinking of a way to represent the beer (that's what you drink at festivals) in a 'Festival' way, when it hit me.

There is this silly thing people do at festivals: when your cup of beer is almost empty to throw it into the crowd as far as possible... That's it! A flying glass of beer with the drink flying out of it. I had the image in my head and now I had to find a way to take the picture, so my dad and I set up a small 'studio' in our back garden.

We first tried with water as to not to waste too much beer and getting the focus for the camera right.

And finally, a couple of shots with the beer.

These are just the pictures, which I'll have to Photoshop and eventually screen print (I want to do this 4-color process) and add some text. I reckon the background will be white, but I'm not sure yet...

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