Meet the Illustrators - Emma Kelly

Second part of Meet the Illustrators, this time the interview questions with Emma Kelly.

1. What is Illustration for you, in the general sense of the term?

Well as with so many specialisms there are different classifications within. So I guess I see illustration as the visualisation of a story/idea/thought whether that be a newspaper article or a self initiated project, it is about trying to communicate in a visual form.

2. How/when did you start illustrating (personally and/or professionally)?

Have always drawn for fun from a young age and professionally the last couple of years.

3. People have always been quite cynical about where the illustrator stands in the creative world. Illustration has never really been classified as fine art nor as graphic design, although the borders seem to be fading little by little. What do you think the role of the illustrator is in the current creative world? Where does he/she stand?

Are they cynical? I think more than ever illustration is booming. Publishers are using far more illustration than they used to, there was a time when it was mostly photographs to illustrate a story. There are new styles emerging that aren't just either using a pen or using a computer, people are more experimental too, so I think contrasted to some creative specialisms it's pushing the boundaries a little.

I think illustrators respond to a brief whether that is one set by another or themselves. I think within the commercial world it is also a quicker discipline, there are very short deadlines whereas in the fine art world it is very much self initiated work and the artist sets those deadlines/timescales.

4. How do you see the future of Illustration?

Like one big tea party with lots of balloons and bunting everywhere (a happy place)

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