Magazine Review - Eye Issue 72

"There's an ever-present temptation to describe the rise of the designer-illustrators and their unapologetic mark-making as 'nostalgia de la boue', a punkish rejection of technological sophistication."

Marian Bantjes
by John L. Walters

"For most work, I envision what I want to do, then start drawing it."

The Graphic Designer as an Illustrator

The article features a lot of different illustrators/graphic designers like Alex Trochut, Airside, IWANT, ... There is a very interesting essay on the subject - Schism and Reunification - written by Adrian Shaughnessy, that thoroughly explores the relationship between Illustration and Graphic Design.

"There was a time when graphic design and illustration used to sleep in the same bed."

"Design was promoted to the front line of commercial life: professionalized and strategized, it took ownership of identity and branding within the corporate world... Illustration, on the other hand, clung into the notion of autonomy of expression and refused to learn the language of strategy and branding."

Artwork and Play (Illustration: Construction Kit Art)
by Robert Hanks

An interesting essay about a relatively obscure kind of Illustration, featuring construction kit art by Brian Knight.

Storytelling Giant: Christoph Niemann
by Steven Heller

Christoph Niemann had a very interesting career path and a very varied portfolio of illustrations, mostly for the New York Times Magazine. Also, his blog is definitely worth checking out!

Drawn into Conversation (Illustration and Brands)
by Steve Hare

"The big brands are making more use of illustration: pastiche, cartoons, caricature - even original ideas. Is this the smarter way to say 'honest', 'natural' and 'popular'?"

The new Stella Artois 4% campaign, with typical 1960's illustrations by Robert McGinnis.

The David Hopkins illustrations for the latest Schweppes campaign, likely my favorite poster campaign this year.

The orderly chaos of James Joyce
by John L. Walters

An article about the rise of a certain designer. I particularly liked his monthly flyer design for the Boogaloo club nights in London:

That was it for Eye magazine. All in all very interesting articles about the role of illustration in today's creative world. Definitely worth reading through.

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